circuit breaker

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circuit breaker

The product, with long life, is mainly used in AC 50/60Hz single-pole 240V or two, three, four-pole 415V circuit for...



  • cable tie

    A cable tie is used in conjunction with a cable tie installation tool to bundle a plurality of objects, such as cables or wires . The cable ties include a head and a tail, the head having a pair of outwardly projecting wings. The tail is capable of insertion through the head so that the cable tie takes the shape of a loop with the tail engaging and being locked in position by a pawl inside the head, the tail being incapable of removal once it is inserted in the head. The cable tie installation tool includes a housing which is adapted to receive an individually loaded cable tie and which protects internal components of the tool. A transport assembly, which includes a motor driven belt, advances the tail of the cable tie around the plurality of objects to be bundled.

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