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A contactor: CJX2 contactors, ABB contactor, Telemecanique contactor, LG contactor, Siemens Contactors


  • ABB contactor

    ABB contactors , item number: ABB A9-30-10 contactor,A26-30-10 contactor, A30-30-10 contactor, A40-30-10 contactor, A63-30 contactor, A75-30 contactor and so on.

  • LG motor contactor

    LG contactors: LS MEC GMC contactor, MEC GMC-40 contactor, LG MEC GMC-75 contactor, LS contactor, MEC GMC-9 LS contactor, MEC LS contactor, MEC LS GMC-100

  • Schneider electric contactor

    schneider contactors, telemecanique contactors: CJX2 AC contactors, CJX2 0910, CJX2 1810, CJX2 2510, CJX2 5011,CJX4 D1210, telemecanique LR2-D1321 contactor, schneider electric LC1D10 contactor, schneider LC1D115 contactor, LR2D13, telemecanique LC1 D40 AC contactor, LC1 D50, LC1 D65, LC1 D95, LC1D25 telemecanique contactor, LC1D32 telemecanique contactors, telemecanique contactor LC1D80, LC1D09

  • Siemens contactor

    Siemens contactors: Siemens 3TF, 3TF52 siemens,3TF46 AC contactor, 3TF49 3TF contactor, 3TF50 contactor siemens, 3TF52 siemens contactors,

  • DC contactor

    A contactor is an electro-magnetic switching device (a relay) used for remotely switching a power or control circuit.[1] A contactor is activated by a control input which is a lower voltage / current than that which the contactor is switching. Contactors come in many forms with varying capacities and features. Unlike a circuit breaker a contactor is not intended to interrupt a short circuit current.Contactors used for starting electric motors are commonly fitted with overload protection to prevent damage to their loads. When an overload is detected the contactor is tripped, removing power downstream from the contactor.

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